Confidence With a Side of Sexy To Go, Please.

We’ve all been there ladies – it’s the night of a big event we’ve been planning days, weeks or sometimes even months for and now all our anxieties are anywhere from hours to minutes to the very second away. We’ve picked up our ensemble from the cleaners, had our last minute Pilates instruction and gotten our hair and nails done. All we have to do is step in our dress and walk out the door and BOOM we’re instantly Vogue cover ready and oozing sex appeal, right? Wrong.

Any woman can tell you that we’re only as sexy as we feel. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of lashes we pile on our eyes or how many peanut butter and wheatgrass shakes (eww?) we’ve had to prep for the big night, if we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, we can’t bring the sexy. Most men don’t understand this concept (probably because they’ve never had to wiggle into a pair of Spanx), but comfort and function are the one-two punch to helping any woman feel her most confident. Jason Michael of J-Michael’s Designs understands our struggle and has created an accessory line that not only enhances our inner knockout, but makes sure that how we look and how we feel are on the same page. Hallelujah!

J-Michael Designs are more than just handbags and accessories – they are quality, functional pieces of artwork. It’s like founder Jason Michael is the handbag whisperer; he knows exactly how much goes into creating the perfect bag for the modern woman. He knows that 90% of the time we’re frantically running around and often just throw all our stuff (cell phone, plethora of lip gloss, hair ties, iPad, lotion, bobby pins, etc.) into any old tote. He knows that deciding what EXACTLY can fit in our evening clutch is the bane of our existence (to bring my Panera frequent eater card or to not bring my Panera frequent eater card, that is the question). His spacious, ergonomically designed bags are tailored to fit comfortably under your arm and to move with you in style. Manufactured to appeal to individual personalities, each piece is just as unique as the woman wearing it. His “Sinful Series” collection allows for women to choose exactly how fierce they want to be as they maneuver through the urban jungle. Handmade in America from exotic animal skins like python and lambskin and modeled after The Seven Deadly Sins, J. Michael creations are just the right amount of sexy to add to any outfit.

A designer on the rise, his Sinful Series collection was featured during a 3 day trunk show in Henri Bendel’s flagship store – yea, THAT Henri Bendel.  Upscale, sleek and chic, his handbags and accessories were all the rage;  local NYC fashionistas ate it right up making him one of the top 5 sellers. Although he currently designs exclusively for the ladies, Jason Michael plans to eventually branch out and crossover with a menswear line; bringing his accessory savvy to the XY side.

So thank the fashion gods that there is one less ritual we have to partake in for our night on the town prep. No more Brazilian butt lifts with hot rollers in our hair (YES!) . Now we can feel comfy and confident knowing all we had to do to bring the sexy is pick it up and bring it with us. For more information about Jason Michael of J-Michael’s Designs visit his fan page to see the new models in the Sinful Series collection.

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